Interviews & Podcasts

The Next Step Podcast with Pete Seligman: All things Search in Australia, including our first institutional fund (Lui Pangiarella)

Why businesses should be ignoring GDP numbers (6PR Interview Ak Sabbagh)

Is there a way to fail better? (6PR Interview – Ak Sabbagh)

Second Squared – CRIISP Podcast on EtA and Search Funds (Aired May 2020)

Think Like and Owner – Podcast Lui Pangiarella and Ak Sabbagh

Business Essentials – Podcast on Getting the best price for your business (Lui Pangiarella and Ak Sabbagh)


The West Australian 2021 – Search-fund enterprise gets cracking

SmartCompany 2020 – Successful succession: An eight-step approach to passing the business baton

SmartCompany 2020 -Aussiepreneurs will drag Australia out of the recession — but they’ll need a hand-up to do so

finfeed 2019 – How to avoid the slow climb up the corporate ladder

Dynamic Business 2019 – The five keys to a successful business partnership

First5000 2019 – Why the Australian Business Growth Fund doesn’t go far enough

finfeed 2019 -Redefining the concept of an ‘entrepreneur’

finfeed 2019 – Why experience is a crucial factor in becoming a successful entrepreneur

The Business Conversation 2019 – Why ‘handover culture’ doesn’t exist in Australia – and why it should


A Mind for Acquisition – Preparing Yourself to Buy your Business (Ak Sabbagh & Lui Pangiarella)

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