Getting Search Ready (Online Program)

Who is this program for?

Getting Search Ready is a stand-alone program designed specifically to assist you to get clear on whether Searching and being a CEO is right for you.

Get focused and crystal clear on being the CEO of a mid-market company, partly owned by you, and if this is the path you want to take.

The online program consists of self paced modules that will help you to:

  • Develop and test out your personal vision for your future;
  • Get clear and concise feedback on your strengths and potential development areas, not just in the context of Searching, but also of your own leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities;
  • Understand the history, process and opportunities for Search; and
  • Understand the personal challenges that are typically experienced during the Search and subsequent acquisition and growth phases.

As an aspiring CEO and entrepreneur, you get to fully explore the opportunities open to you as a Searcher.  

The on-line modules are completed by one-on-one coaching and debriefings on capability and psychometric testing that is part of the program.

Expect to complete with…

  • Clarity around what it takes to be a successful mid-market business owner;
  • The process steps of Search and acquire,
  • Understanding the Search Fund model and how to apply it in the Australian context;
  • Knowing whether this is the right career choice for you;
  • A personal development plan; and
  • Next steps and an action plan to get going.

Second Squared provides the only EtA program designed for the Search Fund Community in Australia.

 The overall program and individual modules are specifically designed to support entrepreneurs to:

  • Get Search Ready
  • Establish their Search Fund
  • Undertake the Search program effectively and efficiently
  • Acquire, run and grow a business
  • Exit

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“The program gave me road map to turn the idea of running my own business, something I’d been thinking about for a while, into a reality.  The next step is to take action.  Thank you.”  Deanne McDonald, Perth WA 

“Getting Search Ready” was really helpful. It covered almost everything about the Search Fund topic and the steps to launch a Search Fund.  Miguel Donnenfeld, Melbourne VIC

The “Getting Search Ready” program is ideal for anyone that has considered acquiring a business but does not know where to begin. This program provides a pathway, with a proven track record, to owning and operating your own business.   Andrew Henderson, Perth WA