Do you have what it takes to be a Searcher?

We work with Searchers who want to lead and grow themselves and others.

Search fund process

Searcher Returns

Searchers increase value of underlying business by:

  • Sustainably increasing operating cashflow
  • Reducing risk and variability in results
  • Creating intellectual property
  • Increasing non-reliance
  • Using smart structuring at acquisition
  • Building to scale (local/national/international)
  • Building brand value and equity

Our Programs

Our introductory “Getting Search Ready” program is currently the only Australian program that helps talented entrepreneurs to decide whether a Search Fund is right for them. 

Whilst we would ideally deliver the program face-to-face, in these Covid-19 times, the program has been re-designed as a self-paced online course. The program is complemented by one-on-one coaching as well as comprehensive capability and psychometric testing.   Getting Search Ready modules are designed to help prospective Searchers to understand:

  1. Getting Search Ready
  2. Establish their Search Fund
  3. Undertake the Search program effectively and efficiently
  4. Acquire, run and grow a business
  5. Exit