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I’d like to start a conversation…

I recently facilitated a session with a client in the education sector. A key component of developing their students (from pre-Kindi to graduating Year 12 at 18 years of age) is in the arena of Entrepreneurship.

In conversation, one of the executive members of staff made comment on his belief that entrepreneurs all drive Lamborghinis, have massive mansions, big boats, and live a special life in a rarefied atmosphere.

I challenged him on this. Indeed I said that I work with entrepreneurs every day who don’t drive Lambis or live in 10 bedroom homes. Most live what I would call a “normal” life, drive nice cars and live in upper-middle class environments. All of them have a great mindset for creative development of their businesses and tend to take the risks that no one else would – that is why they own a business and not work for someone else. It got us thinking about the nature of entrepreneurship.

What would you say are the key attributes of an Entrepreneur?

What would the mindset be?

Is there anything special that differentiates an Aussie entrepreneur to ones from other countries?

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