The search fund concept

A search fund is an investment vehicle, which allows aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to search for, acquire, manage and grow a company. The search fund concept originated in 1984 in the US and has become increasingly well known among business schools and private investors.


Australian Searchers

Entrepreneurship is not just about startup or developing the next best app or product. It’s also about growing value by thinking differently in any business, including one that you buy.

In Australia there is a unique opportunity, the estimated market value of businesses with baby-boomer owners that will need to change hands in the decade is ~$3.5 trillion. This is a massive shift in control and value which will impact the prosperity of the Australian economy (Dr Richard Schrapnel, Pitcher Partners (2014)).

For many of these businesses, the ideal purchaser is a talented entrepreneur that can take them to the next level.

+75% of Australian SME and family businesses have no succession plan. Leaving an estimated $3.5 trillion gap in the market (Source: 2014 Swinburne University)