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Congratulations to two new Search Funds that are now underway.

Alex Simmons (Voyager Equity) is nearing completion of his initial Search Fund Capital Raise.  This is a great effort from Alex and marks a historic moment in Australia as it is the first traditional Search Fund raised. For more details about Alex and his investment criteria go visit his website (link above).

Johnson Wang and Sahil Shekhar (Riverlane Capital) on launching their self-funded Search.  For more details about Johnson and Sahil and their investment criteria visit their website (link above).

Now is an exciting time in Search in Australia with lots of conversations about the process, risks and benefits of Searching for businesses.

If you are passionate about becoming the leader of a business that you own but don’t know how.  Check out our website for details about Search Funds and whether they might be right for you.


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