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There are a number of entrepreneurs across Australia who have embraced the Entrepreneurship through Acquisition Process and are enjoying success.  These Searchers are the real trailblazers of Searching in Australia.

Congratulations go out to three groups in particular:

  1. Matt Kopp and Andy Truong (Hotham Capital) who have recently completed their self-funded search with the successful acquisition of Southern Biological.
  2. Nick Bamford (Ridgeback Capital) who recently completed his self-funded search and joined QPS and Queensland Sandblasting and Painting as a partner.
  3. Richard Hernan (Broadleaf Financial Group) on having his initial target acquisition under Letter of Intent and has raised $2 million in equity to complete this first acquisition by end of March.

The Broadleaf Financial Group intends to become an aggregator of financial advice practices and is aiming to acquire 50 advice practices over the coming years.  For more details about Richard and Broadleaf Financial Group visit their website or read this article.

Broadleaf Group will be targeting a further equity raise of $1 million by June 2019 to complete its second acquisition.


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