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On 11 September @Ak and @Lui attended the  2019 Stanford Search Fund Conference where they met current CEO’s who have successfully acquired companies, aspiring CEO’s who are raising their Search Funds or currently searching, Search Fund Investors, and past business owners who sold their businesses to Searchers.

The educational sessions were fascinating and the meetings during the networking sessions even more so.  Attendees were privileged to hear keynote addresses from Prof Irv Grousbeck (a founding father of the Search Fund community) and some of the very first Searchers who shared their experiences, thoughts about leadership, and perspectives on scaling up businesses.

The three things we took away:

  1. The Search Fund Community is incredibly generous with their time, resources and connections; the reason this model works is because of the community that actively works together to allow aspiring CEO’s to achieve.
  2. It reinforced our perception of the hugely important role that Universities play in educating prospective aspiring CEO’s about the Entrepreneurship through Acquisition pathway.
  3. Entrepreneurship through Acquisition doesn’t compete with Start-up Entrepreneurship.  It doesn’t have to and they can co-exist.  Each investment class draws different people from both an investor and an entrepreneur perspective.

For more on our learnings from the conference check out our full story here.


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